Cambridge Brewing Company has Perfect Coasters

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last night I had a beer with my father and two of my friends at the Cambridge Brewing Company. When we first got there, we commented on how much we like their logo of three beer beer rings. It's classic, communicates the brand perfectly, and unlike most coasters, is free of advertising.

Of course, with coasters like that, we were going to have to turn them over and draw graphs. One of my friends quit his job recently to move to San Francisco and just yesterday came to the realization that his living expenses are about to go up 30% (Boston to San Fracisco move) while his income goes down 100%. He's excited about the change.

Just saying it out loud gets the point across, but somehow these graphs always get made in both draft form (back of a coaster) and polished form (PowerPoint). The high quality, adverising free, blank-on-one-side coasters at the Cambridge Brewing Company are a wonderful thing. It's funny how something done in pen on a coaster in 30 seconds can be more compelling than something done in PowerPoint in 10 minutes....


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